Sunday, May 23, 2010

Poor Little Neglected Blog

Dear Friends do not be deceived. I am still updating this blog. Yes, I know it has been what seems like decades. I have been neglectful and confess to experiencing a bit of writers block when it comes to keeping you all updated on the ongoing adventures of my life. Of course this doesn't mean that there is nothing in my life worth reporting. My family always keeps things interesting...for instance...this afternoon found my mom and my 16 year old and 18 year old brothers waltzing around the house with puppets on their hands pretending to poke fun at one another and singing duets of White Christmas and I am 16 going on 17 from Sound of Music. Why in the world do we have puppets lying around the house? Well, that would be because mom found them at a garage sale yesterday and just could not help herself (she has a little bit of a puppet fetish). Of course I got the whole thing on video. I thought about posting it here...but then I realized the consequences of this (my whole family disowning me) and decided not to :). Nevertheless...there is no lack of excitement around here. That is for sure.

Beyond the daily amusements and goings on let me take a moment to fill ya'll (yes I miss living in Nashville) in on what God is doing in my life. Today I realized it has been 6 months since I finished my tour with the African Children's Choir. Can that really be?! Time has flown, but these past several months have been a very rich season of physical, spiritual, and emotional renewal for me. I am so grateful for God's goodness and faithfulness. He knows what his children need and gives it to them in his perfect time. I've been able to work from home for my Dad doing office work which is flexible, and relaxing. Perfect for this season of life.

As I ponder the future and pray for the Lord's guidance I have seen the Lord clearly guide me into the position of Director of Vacation Bible School at my church this summer. I loved VBS as a child and enjoyed helping out as a youth. I even directed a small somewhat hodge podge VBS in New Zealand when I was 19. This is going to be a much more large scale event, with many wonderful volunteers to oversee. As we plan and prepare and pray, two major aspects about this event bring me great excitement. First of all, our goal is to advertise and bring in many unchurched children from the community who would be unlikely to enter a church otherwise. Therefore, this is going to be a huge outreach and we are praying that God will work in the hearts of many that they will be saved! Secondly, I am excited because this is a healing and redeeming event for our church. We've been through a lot in the last 15 years and the Lord is at work healing wounds and growing the church. VBS has not been a part of the church programs for several years. This year we are bringing it back with new vision and goals and it will be a chance to bring people of all different ages together to minister to each other and the children. I am hopeful and excited to see what the Lord is going to do! Please pray with me for this event (July 12-16). I would appreciate it ever so much.

The ever lingering question is what is next for me. Well, I know I will be here (Lord willing) until the end of July (for obvious reasons). Come August, the sky is the limit. I am knocking on doors and praying for the Lord's guidance and peace. I know He has been speaking to me to let go of my expectations and to be willing to go anywhere. Pray with me that I will not be anxious about the future, but that I will find the balance between waiting on the Lord and seeking out opportunities. Life is a wonderful journey and I am happy to be walking it with so many of you!

I promise to keep up the blog more regularly....and hope you will continue to read..