Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Letter From Home

Remember the song "Letter From Home?" John Michael Montgomery came out with it awhile back and it was hit. The lyrics describe the feelings of a soldier upon receiving letters from his family back home. This week I was reminded of that song when I got a box full of letters from my kids' families and friends back in Uganda. Being able to hand deliver those letters to each of the kids was unbelievably exciting. The joy and excitement on the bus that day was contagious. I traveled from seat to seat in the bus, reading the each child's letter and looking at pictures of their families. They were so excited to show me pictures of sisters, brothers, aunts, grandparents, and even neighbors. For me, the most emotional moments came, however, in reading the letters. Almost every letter said thank you to the head teacher. I was reminded what an enormous responsiblity was placed on me and how grateful these parents are that we are giving their children an education that they never could. It brought tears to my eyes. In those moments when I'm tired, I don't know what to do, or I'm frustrated with school, those letters keep me going.

After a long week, God blessed me with the perfect day off today. Our host church here in Acworth, Georgia is right on a lake. Laura, Steve and I were able to take out a canoe and a kayak and spend the whole day paddling around the lake and swimming. What a terrific blessing....God always knows exactly what I need.

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