Monday, June 1, 2009

A day in the Life

I made a few notes in my journal the other day about my daily activities and I find them quite humerous actually. I thought I would share with you what a somewhat "typical" Saturday looks for me:

8:30am: wake up, get the boys up, work out on the eliptical machine in my host's basement while the boys get ready

9:00 -breakfast, shower, play with the boys
11:00-arrive at church and leave for next destination

11:15- riding on the bus listening to Gilbert sing 'Walkin on Sunshine' on one ear, while Jackson sings 'Old MacDonald' in the other ear. Lydia is writing a letter and asking me how to spell things like pot roast and violet. Hanny is sitting next to me asing how to spell his siblings names. How should I know?! Mo has his face plaster to the window, looking over my left shoulder for FedEx trucks.

11:30-nap on the bus

12:30-Starbucks pit stop for aunties and uncles (where we get our happy juice as the kids say)

12:45-Listen to TobyMac and send up a prayer thanking God for where I'm at and the amazing life He has given me.

1pm-Bathroom stop for the kids (and me!). 10 minutes of sunshine while the kids do flips in the grass and throw paper airplanes.

1:45pm-The children spontaneously break into song-singing Worthy is the Lamb.

2:15-Arrive at church in Nolansville, TN-children play outside, chaperones set up concert, church people volunteer to wash the bus-whistling while they work!

5:30pm-bird poops on my head-luckily I was wearing Patrick's ballcap!

5:45-Pizza with host families

6:30-Dippin Dots and dance party :)

7:30-showers at host home

8:00pm-sing Bless Yaweh and How Great Thou Art and pray with girls before bed.

8:15-chat with hosts

9:00-Watch Slumdog Millionaire

11:30-Bed. zzzz.......
Of course every day is different, but this was a good day :)

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Laura said...

Ang- just catching up on your blog...this entry made me laugh out loud...what seems to me as so normal now is hilarious when you read it through and quite true:)