Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Core Values

Donald Miller is one of my favorite authors. He makes me think and inspires me. If you're a Donald Miller fan and you've never checked out his's worth checking out. Lately I have really enjoyed his thought provoking words about life. He leaves me pondering and wishing I were in a discussion group with other people who wanted to discourse about the same things. One recent post was about discovering our core values and importance of knowing what your core values are. Miller says in order to figure out what your core values are you need to pinpoint what makes you mad. So today, holed up in the corner of a coffee shop I am asking myself What makes me mad? What do I live for? What fuels my decision making? I guess I have always known pretty clearly what I believe and what I'm passionate about, but it's harder to verbalize. I came up with the following list which I think is a pretty comprehensive list of what makes me mad:ignorance, injustice, bad parenting, child neglect, untruth, materialism, disrespect for God, irresponsibility, negativity, apathy/complacency. Therefore, I guess some of my core values would be: education, justice, nurture/protection of children, Truth, simplicity, respect, responsibility, positivity/optimism, passion/concern for life. That's a pretty good list to live by (though I probably fail on more that one occasion to actually live by those values). So what are your core values? What makes you mad?

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Heather's Journey said...

I am going to have to think about this a get back to you. I love that you are a life long learner. One of the many qualities that I admire in you!