Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Afternoon at NASA

Monday we took the kids to NASA's Johnson's Space Center in Houston. Even though they don't have a lot of background in science or aeronautics they had fun. We got to explore what the inside of a space shuttle looks like, including how the astronauts sleep, shower, and eat while they are in space. I tried to explain to the kids how astronauts eat freeze dried food, but they didn't really understand. I ended up buying them freeze dried ice cream. They liked it, but didn't believe that it was ice cream. It didn't look like ice cream or really taste like ice cream, so how could it be ice cream? Explaining the lack of gravity in space also proved to be a challenge and some of the kids were a little freaked out by the realistic looking people that were somersaulting around inside the space shuttle. One of the highlights was experiencing what it would feel like when a shuttle takes off, complete with smoke pouring into the room. I think 3 kids jumped into my arms! As a teacher, the whole afternoon was fascinating to me. I enjoyed learning about the history of NASA and space travel and their plans for the future. I even got to stand inches away from the actual command module from Apollo 17 that went to the moon! So cool!
We wrapped up 3 months of Texas travels today and headed to Louisiana. It's wierd to not be in Texas anymore and see the flag everywhere :) I am looking forward to visiting many new states though in the coming months. Soon after crossing the border we stopped at a rest area by a lake. I was a little disturbed that one of the first things I saw in Louisiana was a "no swimming" sign with an alligator on it! Welcome to Louisiana...yikes!

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