Thursday, February 12, 2009

An Enjoyable Night of Reflection

Tonight I enjoyed a night out with friends Loren and Chris (who I went to Moody with), here in Houston. I realize what a parent I have become when I say goodbye to my kids and give them all kinds of instructions about how to behave. A night out without the kids is a very rare and wonderful treat for me right now. As I stood in a room full of 300 single people at Second Baptist Church, I could hardly remember the last time I was in a room full of people around my age. To be perfectly honest, I don't miss it. I'd almost rather be around kids and poeple who are in different stages of life. Joining in corporate worship was wonderful and refreshing this evening, but as I was sitting there it gave me an opportunity to sit back and think about what I've been doing and what I've learned in these last few months. After basically living in "church" I've discovered a lot that I haven't actually thought about. I prefer small churches to big ones (though I think there is a place for big churches). I don't feel comfortable in fancy, entertainment oriented churches. I can't stand the segregation and stereotyping that goes on at churches. The expectations at church and church politics drive me crazy. I love serving God in ministry full time, but I don't think I could work full time at a church. I am extremely passionate about reaching the kids and youth and young adults of today, and showing them that the world is a whole lot bigger than they think and it's time to take the head out of the sand and be discontent with mediocrity. So there ya go....thanks for reading the thoughts that are rolling around in my head tonight :). It's been an enjoyable day off..I actually wore a sundress and sat in a rocking chair on the porch most of the day! Tomorrow, it's back to work.

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Hi Angela,

God is using you in such amazing ways to bless those young ones. You are a great Auntie for them and God is able to love them through you. I love reading your updates and adventures. I am praying for opportunities here to gather support for what you are doing. I just purchased one of the CD's that the Children's Choir has produced and I love it. I will be sharing it with my 5th & 6th grade girls SS class tomorrow. Debby Swope is in charge of the Children's program now and she and I are brainstorming ideas to get the kids involved in helping with your ministry. We may have a contest with our 5th/6th boys and girls classes to collect pop bottles and cans for the deposit money, maybe even get the church involved in helping with that. Debby and I were considering offering a prize for the child who turned in the most deposit $. We thought about a cd or she wondered about an Afrian drum? If you have any ideas of suggestions we would love to hear them. We want to give the kids here a taste of God's larger kingdom also and how what they do here can reach people across the world with His love.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.
May God continue to bless and provide for every need.

Enita Geiger