Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mardi Gras Headquarters

I never really knew anything about Louisiana except for New Orleans, which I associated with Mardi Gras and Hurricane Katrina. During our short stay here I've gleaned a better understanding of this state and the people who call it home. As far as Mardi Gras is concerned I haven't met anyone who could explain it to me as more than a giant party the day before lent in which people take part in all kinds of behaviors they plan to give up until Easter. Ridiculous if you ask me. I did enjoy a wonderful day exploring the French Quarter area of New Orleans though. I loved the quaint streets, shops, restaurants, and of course all the live music! We ate lunch at an outdoor cafe where we were serenaded by a guy with long dread locks who sounded just like Louis Armstrong. What more could you ask for? I also enjoyed a tasty lunch of fried alligator! I've been to a lot of big cities and I must say New Orleans certainly is distinct and has a lot of interesting people, including old men with purple hair on the street who wanted to read my palm, witchcraft specialists in the doorways, and crazily dressed men in wierd glasses wandering the streets. I was just glad I wasn't alone. We took a nice ferry ride across the mighty Mississippi River and made it back to the church safely. It was a great adventure.
Whatever would make people want to live in a state that is constantly battered by hurricanes beats me, but I've met a lot of people who keep re-building and are determined to stay. Over cups of tea and chocolate cake I have had several interesting conversations with people about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the corruption of politicians in Louisiana, and the ongoing struggles. I've learned that no matter where a person lives, home is home to them and they love it. I guess since I have such a nomadic lifestyle and love for traveling, home has been many places for me, but I've gained a greater appreciation for having a home town and family nearby, since I have been on tour. I've been a "part" of many families and observed and learned a lot about people-how they live, how they treat one another, and how they view God and the world. I'll forever be grateful for this experience that has taught me so much about life.

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sarahsaccadventure said...

i love it ang, i wish i could have ventured with you! i missed out on the french quarter and only saw baton rouge, oh well! love you!