Friday, March 20, 2009

Musings about Mississippi

Mississippi is another state I never knew much about...until now. It's beautiful here. The tall trees remind me of home in a way and the people are great. Most have grown up here and never really left. "A great place to raise a family" as so many people have told me. Except of course for the excruciating heat and humidity in the summer. We've jokingly been invited to come back thank you. I'm good to be in Michigan in August :) I don't know about the rest of you, but I think it is safe to say that many people do not realize that parts of Mississippi were hit harder by Hurricane Katrina than New Orleans was. Whole towns were completely wiped out. I've been inspired by the many stories I have heard of people re-building their lives with God's help. One family I stayed with had the most amazing stories to tell. I was close to tears the whole night and yet excited to hear about how God has worked. I was so inspired I wrote down three pages of notes and took some pictures of the families home. I hope someday to write a book about it. It's worth writing.

On a random note, I have a somewhat funny story to share with you. Yesterday as Laura and I were about to leave for a nice afternoon of shopping...I decided I needed to take a picture on a tire swing hanging so peacefully in a wooded yard. With Laura poised to take the photo I smiled and jumped on. Before I knew what had happened I was sprawled on the ground in a giant mud puddle, with a huge tree branch on my head and a very bad headache. It was quite shocking. Needless to say I spent over an hour on the couch with a bag of ice on my head, hoping and praying I did not have a concussion. I had visions of the last time I had a concussion in New Zealand and ended up puking all over someone's bathroom (so sorry Ayers, if you are reading this). Thankfully I didn't get sick and other than a long lasting headache and sore couple of lumps on my head I am okay. Praise God. Thank you for your continued prayers and HAPPY SPRING!!

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Miss Elissa said...

Oh, so sad about the tree branch, Angela! Sounds strikingly similar to my Ethiopia orphanage light fixture story! I have an inch long scar on the top of my head to show for it! I hope the effects of the tree branch didn't last long!