Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chicago Misadventures

Life doesn't often go the way we plan...I'm pretty used to that. This past week was just another example. For weeks I looked forward to going with my little brother Josh to Chicago to help him settle into school at Moody Bible Institute. I worked hard to pay for it, made a list of all the people I wanted to visit, drooled over the many Chicago restaurants/food to catch up on, and thought about all my favorite places in the city that I wanted to visit and take Josh. Well, the trip happened and Josh is at school, but it certainly didn't go as planned. Tuesday evening: August 17th (with rain and giant hail pouring down and soaking us and all our luggage) Josh and I boarded a red eye flight to Chicago, via San Francisco. Thank goodness the weather (that had grounded earlier flights) lifted just in time for us to take off. We flew into SF at sunset and saw the Golden Gate Bridge glowing in all it's splendor. After a layover and another long flight we landed on Wednesday morning at 4:30 a.m. That day was exhausting as I tried to help Josh work out money, insurance, health forms, etc to get into school. It was very surreal to walk around the campus on which I have so many memories, but not see more than a couple familiar faces. It is Josh's turn now, to make memories there and I have no doubt he will make some great ones. Armed with his fedora hat, umbrella, and guitar he is bound to have an impact on Chicago and visa versa. The next day and a half, as Josh attended orientation sessions I was able to visit with old friends and it was wonderful. I had hoped to have 4 more days full of city fun, however, Friday afternoon while having lunch with a friend I nearly passed out for no apparent reason. For the rest of the trip I felt dizzy, lost my appetite, and was very weak. I spent most of my time laying on the couch and only ate applesauce and deep dish pizza for me :( thankfully I had friends and family to take care of me, but it was quite frustrating and a bit scary to be feeling that way away from home. On Monday I said goodbye to Josh and left him to fend for himself in that big city. Praise God I made it safely back to Seattle, where my dad and brother, Andy, met me. We had grand plans of exploring Seattle and visiting friends in Bellingham and British Columbia, but because of my health most of those plans had to be scrapped, sadly. While my dad finished his business conference, Andy and I decided to try seeing a few sights. We made it to the space needle, but shortly therafter I began to feel faint. I told Andy we could go to the museum of Science Fiction, but he had to push me in a wheelchair the whole time. He did. It was awesome, and we had a good time. After a quick visit to the African Children's Choir office in Bellingham (where I got to reminisce a bit and see items from my tour, including my kiddos costumes that still smell like them!), we headed home. Andy drove the whole 10 hours as Dad and I were not feeling well. What a kid! I am now home safely and happy to be in my own bed. Still not feeling myself, but Tuesday the doctor will run some tests and help me get better :)

So the trip didn't go as expected and I wasn't as adventurous and busy as usual, but it was still good. I still got the chance to visit with old friends from college, professors, and meet new friends (from Africa!). All in all it was a good trip. And Josh is at college, which is the most important thing. So I am thankful. I've just been looking back over pictures from this summer. God has given me a good summer. I've worked hard, spent time with some very dear friends and family, enjoyed Oregon, taken a few trips, and been blessed. On the hard days and in the rough times I look back and realize I have so much to be thankful for...

A few pictures from last week...

{Josh ready for the City!}

{My friend Jimmy from Kenya}

{The REAL Deathstar from Star Wars!}

{My mode of transportation around Museum of Science Fiction}

{Seattle Space Needle-Wahoo!}

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