Saturday, August 16, 2008

snakes, photos, and other stories

Last night I found the children gathered in the yard poking in the grass. They had discovered a small snake. Now, I really don't like snakes, but this one seemed harmless and I found myself pulling it out of the grass with a stick. It had a wound, I presume from the lawnmower that had just passed over it. One of the older boys took the stick from me and a mob of children took the snake to the edge of the yard where they proceeded to beat it with a 2x4, stomp on it, and throw rocks at it. I actually felt bad for the poor little snake. I tried to convince the children it was harmless, but I guess snakes in Uganda are much more dangerous! They thought it was going to kill them. Every day I learn more about how different the children think from me. I was showing them photos on my computer yesterday which was a huge hit. They had never seen a white baby or snow..those were two of their favorites and they freaked out over the pictures. I also showed them a picture of three crosses on a hill at Box R Ranch. They asked me who died there and I could not seem to help them understand that nobody died on those crosses, they were only for decoration and to remember Jesus. It was foreign to them. What fun we have learning about each others cultures. Tomorrow we leave for a few days to Las Vegas...please keep us in your prayers.


Angee said...

oh Angela, sounds like so much fun. I am so excited for you. Are you going out to Uganda?

Anonymous said...

wow, how exciting. praying for you as you learn the Ugandan way of school. I remember having to learn the Russian way and Russian back when I worked with an orphanage, it was a challenge, but fun.

Krista said...

Interesting--I suppose that sentimentality about snakes and other 'joys of the outdoor life' are a luxury we can afford only because we are never ourselves inconvenienced or endangered by them!