Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is the day the Lord has made

This is the day the Lord has little Fiona's words that is why today was a very good day. Amen sister! This afternoon I taught english and math to the 3rd graders and they said I was a very good teacher. How encouraging to hear! I feel I have had to forget everything I just learned about the proper way to teach and I must teach the opposite way..the Ugandan way. But that is okay and I did fine. I am retraining my brain and the kids respond well to me. They are so respectful. A teacher does not often hear students in America thanking them for teaching or thanking them for their help after every question is answered. My favorite time of the day has become the evenings right before dinner that I spend with the kids on the back porch. We read and color and play and talk. Today I taught them to sing King Jesus is All and they loved it. I also read a great deal of Curious George while I got my hair braided :)

Please pray for the children in my choir in Uganda that their visas would be granted soon so they are able to come to States with us soon. Pray also for Andrew, my team leader who is currently in Northern Uganda visiting some of the children's homes.

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