Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Best Slumber Party Ever

Yesterday we got the best surprise ever when Choir 31 rolled up at the school we're staying at. They are on their way from Texas back to North Carolina and decided to make a pitstop here. The last 24 hours have been full of much rejoicing, singing, dancing, playing, and catching up with old friends and fellow ACC members. Yesterday found the boys having a very serious soccer scrimage, and the girls dressing up the Aunties in African garb, found amidst the rummage sale goods in the school gym. Keep an eye out on facebook for a video of out Uptown Girls fashion show (I'm still trying to figure out how to get it uploaded). 48 Ugandan children and 18 aunties and uncles in one gym= the best slumber party ever! This kind of thing rarely happens, so we are feeling quite blessed and excited to have gotten the choirs together twice in 4 months. After lifting our voices to the Lord in praise, the kids went to bed and the aunties and uncles set up a projector for our own private movie night. It's been awhile since I actually sat down and watched a movie...I almost forgot what it feels like. This morning I sat up in my sleeping bag to be greeted by a jumble of airplane, hello kitty, and superman jammy clad children. The kids are now practicing to put on a little talent show for each other, before we both take off in our seperate directions.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing opportunity you have had in getting to interact with two choirs. I enjoyed reading your slumber party summary. I know we both can relate to other situations where something was happening and we endured it not thinking it would be funny, now look that stories we have (our lives our so funny)! I am glad I have someone to share those laughing moments with and I don't have to give any details. For example : water with Cheyenne pepper...what were we thinking - Love, Heather

Jeanne said...

The best ever slumber party sounds kinda like the Rodkey's at the Lounsbury's home! Many differences to be sure, but the theme of being happy about being together in one nice big group is definitely true!