Monday, November 3, 2008


It's 12:04am and I'm not sure why I'm still awake. I should have been in bed long ago, but alas I have been on the phone catching up with friends and family. When I get a chance to talk (with free minutes) I can't pass it up (even though I'm not much for phone conversations). Two of my boys came in a bit ago to inform me that Christopher was not sleeping "properly." I'm still a bit bewilder at what exactly he meant, after hearing his explanation. He was making funny faces with his eyes and telling me that he sleeps sometimes with his eyes open and for some reason he couldn't sleep with his eyes closed. Whatever the case it made me roll MY eyes at him and send him back to bed. O, the random things of get to deal with as a "parent" to these kids. Thank you to those of you who faithfully read my thoughts on this blog. Some of it is trivial, but I hope you are encouraged when you walk away and inspired to live life abundantly in Christ.

I am currently listening to the newly released song by Michael W. Smith that he recorded live with the African Children's Choir (#31) that I trained with in August. The album is called A New Hallelujah and you should go get it! I remember talking to Michael back in March when I was living in Nashville. I went to his church and chatted with him after the service about the African Children's Choir. He told me he wanted them on his next album and sure enough he invited Choir 31 to record with him this past summer. It's so fun to be listening to it now and see the kids on the back of the album!

Tonight we got to visit the St. Louis Arch. It's HUGE and pretty remarkable and beautiful at night. My boys loved it and asked lots of questions. Next to the arch is the Famous Eads bridge, which might not mean much to anybody else, but I just happened to have taught my 6th graders at Hew Hope Academy this past spring, about the bridge, while we were learning about the Industrial Era (I'm pretty sure that is a terrible run on sentence, but I'm too tired to fix it :). I had forgotten about it until someone told me the name of the bridge I was staring at. So cool!

It's 12:16 now and Im determined to go to bed earlier than I did last night, so adios and goodnight friends!


Anonymous said...

lol at the "not sleeping right"

that is bringing back memories of when I was a "mother" to three girls at the home for children I served at.

uncle steve said...

sweet pics!

Chris said...

Keep posting the pics I love seeing them!