Thursday, August 20, 2009


Greetings from Michigan! This past week we have been in Grand Rapids and now we are in Saginaw. I'm enjoying the north. God has blessed me with some really interesting and great hosts lately. I've been reminded on more than one occasion not to judge people based on first impressions. Every time I do I end up putting my foot in my mouth so to speak. Funny how that works. I have been fighting a cold this week, but I think I'm on the upswing. It's a good thing because today was a day for great adventures. Laura's two best friends from home (Chantal and Mallory) are visiting from Ontario and we have the day off, so we decided to go find the bavarian village of Frankenmuth, Michigan. It was so cute! We had a picnic of 3 different kinds of cheese by the river, explored the shops, listened to a guy play the accordian, walked across the covered bridge, and took LOTS of pictures. I LOVED it. I'm thankful to Laura for sharing her friends with me. I know your probably reading this Chantal and Mallory-thanks for coming to visit. You guys are awesome!
I don't have any exciting stories to share, but here are some great quotes from the past few weeks:

“The best part of tour is swimming and staying in hosts. The hardest part on tour has been eating cheese.” -Julius
“Last day I ate three cavities. I enjoyed them so much-as good as strawberries!” - Racheal

“This is the worst day of my life!” -Christopher (covered in puke after Lino puked all over him on the bus)

“Bananas are good for our bodies. Especially for the people in Kampala who live on the street. If they eat a banana then their bellies can get full.” -Peace

“It's like an elephant is standing on my foot.” -Gilbert (in response to Auntie Angela stepping on his toes)

“Something is wrong with my head. My wisdom ran away. I think I gave it to Rose.” -Lydia

“I really want to go to heaven so I can play with Jesus.” -Rose

“A day will come when you young children will want to get married and have a husband or a wife.” -Uncle Patrick
“Yes, I can't wait!” - Gilbert
“No thank you!” -Racheal
“I cannot wait to see my wife!” -Hannington to Scovia

I hope these sweet sayings brought you a good laugh and smile today! Now go do something kind for someone else today!


Stacy said...

Your quotes are fantastic. Poor Lino...that would have been the worst day of my life too.

Eat some yummy cheese for me. I am particularly fond of Havarti :)

Love you!

Amanda Lehman said...

kids are so cute! :-) thanks for the smiles! how much longer are you touring with ACC? looks like you're having a great experience!

Heather's Journey said...

love the quotes! ohh children are such a blessing and encouragement to have around.