Monday, August 24, 2009

Soaking up Some Sun

If you hadn't noticed I decided it is time for my blog page to get an overhaul. Thanks to Heather for giving me some ideas on how to make my blog more attractive and fun (even though you don't know you gave me the idea :)
The sun is shining over the waters of Lake Michigan here in Traverse City, MI and we are enjoying some late summer hours at the beach, trying to soak up every last bit of fun and sun that we can before it gets cold and we are stuck inside. It's been a pretty good week on the road...the joy of the Lord has been evident in the small moments. My favorite moment of the week was Saturday on the bus-little Christopher sat in front of me with his rain jacket on, hood up, face smooshed against the window, quietly singing to himself "O the blood of Jesus..." In that moment I wondered in my head how I could ever get frustrated with him for not being able to read or stay focused on anything. He is so precious!

I spent a couple days in Michigan a few years ago and though my memories are fuzzy it's all coming back to metoday as I had the chance to explore some familiar places. This afternoon we marched the children down to the beach for a few hours of playtime. Shoes were thrown off, jeans rolled up, and wading in to the knees, turned into soaking wet jeans up to the hip, heads in the water, water push-ups, and 22 happy children covered in sand from head to toe. O, well...we tried to keep them clean. Digging in sand, splashing in water, and burying friends never was so much fun!

After dinner some of us headed to Sleeping Bear Dune to see how much more sand we could get in our ears! Forget the work out tonight...climbing that dune twice and running down was enough for me. I think I burned a few calories. Lydia decided she needed to bring the container of jello with her as a mountain snack. She conveniently needed a break every 5 seconds to eat sand covered jello. Scovia asked if she was a "snacker" (as if it were some bad habit to kick like smoking!). Lydia then announced that she was the jello monster (the red cousin of the cookie monster I presume). Good times! We will all sleep well tonight (after I stop doddling around on the computer and write an english test for the P4's for tomorrow. Yikes!)


Stacy said...

I love your pics, Ang. Give the children my love. Hugs to you :)

Sally said...

I like the new look Ang. :)