Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Dance Party

Today is Halloween, but I hardly noticed, save for some cemeteries and ghosts in people's yards, and a few people in costumes at the mall. We have tried to shelter our kids from this holiday as much as possible and it seems to have worked. I spent the evening in a host family basement with two of my girls having a private dance party. It was awesome! Since joining this tour my insecurities about my dancing skills and fears of dancing in front of others have disipated. Dancing is a big part of life for me now and I am loving it. Tonight I taught the girls a few classic Mzungu (white person) moves and I have never seen anything so funny. We were all rolling on the floor laughing. I don't think there has ever been a point in my life when I have felt as happy, joyful, peaceful, and excited as I do every day right now. I get 22+ hugs every day and I get to teach 22 African children about life...this week I taught them how to use their new Bibles. We learned about the table of contents, books, chapters, verses, etc. It is so exciting to see the kids whip out their Bibles on the bus and read. They are asking questions too, which is very exciting and encouraging. This week we are catching up on school, after a couple weeks of intense rehearsals and traveling to San Fransisco. Nelson asked me in class yesterday what characteristic means, so we were discussing the characteristics of various items in the room. The kids started naming characteristics of "Auntie Angela." It began like...she is a Mzungu, she has long hair, she is very very beautiful...and then Gilbert blurted out...she is fat!I couldn't help but laugh. He was completly serious and innocent. cultural difference: in Uganda being called fat is a compliment because it means you have enough food to eat and are well nourished. I had to inform my students that they should probably not go around in America telling people they are fat, because it is rude! The moral of the story is...if you are ever feeling overweight or unhappy about your weight..move to Africa and people will admire you! on that note...I must get my beauty sleep. Goodnight from St. Louis...

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