Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Texas Style

Well....where to begin. The last week or so has been great, but I have not had a moment of internet access to share it with you all (or ya'll as we say here in Texas). I was sick for a few days, so my days were spent sitting on a couch at the church or sleeping. There are no sick days on tour really :). Yesterday we rolled into Laguna Park Texas. Nobody knows where it is (including Texans), but within the ACC organization this place is famous becuase of Uncle Brother Doug and his church of amazing and generous people. From the moment we stepped off the bus yesterday he has had me laughing non-stop. Before he even knew my name he told me "I better not pass out on him (from low blood sugar) because he hadn't brushed his teeth in three months and he'd have to be the one to give me mouth to mouth!" Bet you never heard that from your preacher before! Uncle Brother Doug (as he has come to be known in the ACC Family) took a bunch of us girls grocery shopping yesterday to buy food to cook at camp for all of us this coming week. I've never had so much fun shopping for groceries. We filled three flats at Sams Club and loaded up the church van. Our last concert before Christmas starts in a few hours and after that we are looking forward to a week of rest, food, cooking, Christmas movies, and celebration. I'm looking forward very much to the break and time to just play with the kids and enjoy the Christmas celebration. This one stoplight town of less than 1000 is the perfect place to spend Christmas. I've never seen such genuine, generous, Christlike people. I don't know how much internet access i'll have this week, but I wish ya'll a blessed Christmas week!

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