Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

Welcome 2009! We welcomed in the New Year with a bang tonight-that is the bang of bowling balls hitting the wood floor. I'm not that great at bowling, but it was a blast to introduce the kids to this beloved game, complete with disco lights and pizza. They loved it. The holidays brought about many great memories for me with my kids I have grown to love so deeply. So many people asked me if it was hard for me to be away from my family at Christmas, but honestly I couldn't imagine wanting to be anywhere but Laguna Park, TX with my kiddos and my ACC family. God handpicked our team and has brought unity and joy to us, especially these past few weeks as we have lived together day after day and enjoyed the holidays together. Instead of writing anything new..I'd like to share a bit from my journal entry on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Christmas Eve: I can't imagine a better Christmas Eve...wake up late, sit next to the Christmas tree and drink chai, go for a walk in the country, pick up a Christmas package at the post office, shower, eat lunch, bake sugar cookies with the kids, play outside (in 70 degree weather), make mom's favorite meatballs for dinner, dress up the kids in brand new party clothes/dresses, go to a small family-style Christmas Eve service with Uncle Brother Doug, take lots of pictures, have a Christmas dance party, eat almond roca and little smokies, read the christmas story, put the kids to bed, wrap presents while rocking to Christmas music, watch the movie White Christmas with friends...I couldn't ask for more.
Christmas day was the best I think since my grandmother passed away 9 years ago. Being with the kids enabled me to see Christmas through the eyes of a child again. Everybody came out in their pajamas to open stockings and the kids were over the moon excited to get shiny headbands, pictures of their families, hot wheels cars, and candy canes. I spent the morning in front of the stove cooking crepes for everyone. They came out so good. Mom would be so proud!It actually brought me joy to have children under my feet playing with cars, while I was cooking. The sounds of their voices and smiles on their faces all day were priceless and etched in my memory forever. We all pitched in to make Christmas dinner and it turned out terrific! I even cooked up some cactus (courtesy of Uncle Brother Doug), to make out Texas Christmas complete.

Our first concert after Christmas (the 27th), my friend Mark and his mom came to visit all the way from Canada. It was a great Christmas present for me and so special to be able to see them interacting with my kids. I love to share them with the people that I love.

I realize this post is getting long, so I will just say one more thing. As I was pondering what New Years Resolutions to make this year I decided I only have one. I recently picked up the book Practicing the Presence of God and through reading it have been challenged to live every moment in surrender to God and in accordance with His will. It sounds impossible...but it's my goal to strive for this year (and every year thereafter). Everything else stems from that. I pray this year for you may be full of new challenges, new growth, and blessings from the Lord of all creation.

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