Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Few Thoughts From Detroit Tonight

Sorry for the long silence on the blog (for me anyway). It's been a crazy hectic couple of weeks with lots of goings and comings and limited internet connectivity (while I had the brain power to actually write something). No promises that this entry will be coherent, but something is better than nothing right? I am currently procrastinating on some paperwork I need to do, as well as finishing up my
taxes :(.
There are some people in this world who I instantly connect with and they get added to my list of favorite people. Abraham is one of those people (if your reading this...well..you already know this). He is our Ugandan manager and a man I deeply respect and love. He's taught me a lot about inter cultural relationships and life. Having him around was a morale booster for everyone on the team, as we head into the final stretch of tour. Hard to believe that we are so quickly approaching the end. Last night Choir 31 (which I trained with last year) flew home to Uganda. It was just a big reminder of the big goodbye that is coming. I try not to think about it too much, but unfortunately it's hard not to. While Abraham was here doing devotions with us as a team and giving a pep talk, I thought back to our training together in Africa last year. Then I thought about all that we have been through this year and all the emotions I have experienced. Being together with Abraham again reminded me of everything and I felt like the emotions of the whole year caught up with me. Lots of tears were shed. It's been an emotional couple of weeks.
Andrew (our former tour leader) was able to come down from Ontario to visit us for a few days here in Michigan this past week, which was another nice treat for everyone. We enjoyed catching up with him. The boys showed him how big their muscles are, we shared stories over coffee (he's the one who had a hand in my becoming a coffee drinker), and his family finally got to meet the kids who have been praying for them this whole year. We love you brother!
There are many more choppy thoughts I could share with you, but I must be getting to bed. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we persevere to the end. Pray for the children of choir 31 as they transition back to life in Uganda, and pray for choir 34 and 35 as they are still transitioning to tour life here in the States.
Blessings to you all!

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