Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quiet Love

Most Sunday mornings find me frantically setting up a product table and selling merchandise to excited and teary eyed people who come out of our concerts, but this morning was different. I really miss going to church and worshiping corporately with other believers. I am very much looking forward to observing Sunday's as a day of rest again. This morning we had no concert, but some lovely church folks fed us a nice breakfast at Willard Church of God in Willard, OH. Their church service this morning was led by a traveling group called Quiet Love. The group travels around and performs mimes and sign language to popular Christian songs, all under blacklights. We couldn't stay for the service but they offered to do a little mini show just for us! For 20 minutes we enjoyed the coolest most powerful time of worship. I had flashes of what I imagine heaven will be like...people all worshiping the Lord with lots of light and energy. Of course it helped that they were signing to "I can only Imagine!" I had goosebumps the whole time as we clapped, danced, and worshipped together. On the last song they pulled our children up on stage too and they all danced together under the blacklights. The camraderie between the two groups was unique too, since we all travel around and perform. I felt like we understood each other on a performers level as well as being brothers and sisters in Christ. Because they gave us a special show, we gave them a quick little show too. It was great! I love these spontaneous experiences that God brings our way!

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