Thursday, October 15, 2009

Best Tea Party of All Time

If you think life is boring..bring yourself down to the level of a child and play their games with them. Tonight my hosts had to go out for worship team practice so we had the house to ourselves. I popped my head into the girls bedroom and suggested we have a tea party. The suggestion was met with squeals of joy and questions about what exactly a tea party is. "Do we just drink tea?" Peace asked. The night only got better from there. We raided the kitchen and made hot chocolate and lemon cake with strawberries on top.
I let the girls dress up in my clothes, scarves, hats, and jewelry. The lipgloss was the icing on the cake. You'd think they had died and gone to heaven. There was an oblong swinging mirror strategically placed in the room, along with a perfect round table and wicker chairs.
When the dance music started the girls danced, posed, and giggled around the room while I took pictures. Those girls know how to work it...let me tell you! Peace, Racheal, and Sarah are total naturals who know how to work an outfit, and make my photography skills look great. They make my job behind the lense easy. We sat down to tea (hot chocolate) and cake and toasted beauty and adventure of it.
I think this picture of Racheal perfectly captures the beauty and joy of these children. She is one of the most joyful and pure girls I have ever met.

After the tea and "crumpets" we had to work off some calories so we turned on Kirk Franklin and danced to our little hearts content. Life doesn't get any better.

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Anonymous said...

I am thankful for your blog...Kristen emailed it to me. We hosted Rachael and Immaculate this summer when you were at RiverTree Christian Church in Massillon Ohio. We did not have a Choir staff member stay with us so I did not have any contact information. If you are able, please tell Immaculate and Rachael that we pray for them often. We so enjoyed our time with them. Bob, Jamie, Brendon and Madison