Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last Church...

So, last night was our fun end of tour concert (even though we have one concert left tomorrow..but it's a big ticketed event, not conducive to silly aunties and uncles). I thought I would feel more emotional, but I didn't..maybe because I know I will still be with the children for another month and a half, and I will see them sing again with the Cincinnati symphony in December. We had fun though. During sound check Steve put on Gilbert's costume and surprised the children by coming out to sing the "O Happy Day" solo.
Auntie Lindsey, Auntie Rachel, and I joined the children for warm-ups. We put on the boys' hats and did breathing excercises. The children pretty much lost it. Haha. During the concert we all sat in the front row and helped conduct on some of the songs. When "O Happy Day" rolled around at the end we surprised them again by jumping up on stage to dance with them. Laura did the solo and the rest of us made a fourth row in the back and danced like fools. My host commented later that evening that I "looked really great up there." Hahaha. All I could think about was how much fun I was having and how I never would have been caught dead a year ago dancing like that on a stage in front of all those people. How I have changed :).
I honestly don't know how those children do what they do. After one song I ran off to man my product table at the end of the concert. I was huffing and puffing and almost choked until Lindsey brought me some water! Note to self: take dancing lessons when tour is over.

Today we drove through the gorgeous hills of W. Virginia and Virginia to get to North Carolina. This is our last church on tour. unbelievable!! Monday we head to Mirembe House for about 5 weeks to prepare to sing with the symphony and to prepare to go HOME. Please continue to pray for us as we go through the process of ending tour and I look toward the future. I'm so happy to be sharing this journey with all of you.

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