Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kids just want to have fun

I have noticed something in all my travels...anywhere you go in the world..kids are kids...are kids...are kids. That's all there is to it. underneath the language, the skin color, the hair, the costumes, the manners, all kids are created the same (by our wonderfully creative Creator!). My kids may sing great, have really good manners, and be super cute and talented, but they are still kids. It was great to see this come out yesterday when my host brought out the bouncy houses from the company he owns. The church parking lot turned into a type of carnival and the kids romped around for over an hour. It was fun to watch, though the motherly instinct in me kept worrying that somebody was gonna crack their head or break somebody else! In the end I don't think any kids got hurt....only chaperones (a few bumps and bruises). I tried to go through the obstacle course once and I was so dizzy I thought I would faint. No more bouncy houses for me. I did however, manage to score a four minute Harley ride tonight...even got to wear leather. yep. It's a good day :)

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