Sunday, January 11, 2009

One Amazing Year of CHANGE

This morning as I was running lights for our concert it hit me that a year ago this week was the first time I saw the African Children's Choir in concert for the first time. I can still remember the excitement building within me as I watched the kids and realized that was where I needed to be. As I followed the Holy Spirit's leading, God clearly layed out the steps that led me to where I am. It is truly incredible to think about how much life can change in one year. As I look back over the year I am amazed at all the places I've been and the friends I have made. From Oregon, to Chicago, to Nashville, to Washington D.C , To central Illinois, back to Chicago, to Oregon, to North Carolina, to Vegas, back to North Carolina, to New York, to London, to Uganda, back to Chicago, and then all over Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Massachussets, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and finally Texas. It's been a blessed year full of adventure, faith building, emotional goodbye's, new friendships, and CHANGE. Even though I seem to thrive on change and I love life I was reminded this week how little control I have over what happens in life. Even on the road it's easy to get into a routine and you think you know what's going to happen, but with God things are always changing. He reminded me this week that I can't be too sure of what the future holds. So I continue to take it one day at a time and do what I know He wants me to do.

I'd like to share a story with you that happened this morning...I think it will make you smile. A wonderful couple from the church we are at in Waxahachie, TX owns a limo company (I think we are riding in a hummer limo tonight!) the pastor was driving Nelson, Geofrey, Gilbert, and Uncle Frank in a stretch white limo to church this morning. On the way, Uncle Frank mentioned that even though we have been in Texas for a while now he still has not seen a real cowboy. that moment they happened to be passing a cowboy church (they have become pretty popular around the States). So, the pastor looked over and happened to see 6 cowboys.....on their horses...sitting in front of the church. He pulled that limo right up to the cowboys, stepped out and explained that he had three African Children in his limo who had never seen a cowboy. Those boys tumbled out of the limo and in the blink of an eye they were sittin on those horses next to some real Texas cowboys. When they arrived at church, I got to hear all about how they had gone horseback riding on the way to church. Wow! These children really do get to experience it all. :)

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