Saturday, January 3, 2009

School Happens Everywhere on the Road

We may only have 6-10 hours of school in the "classroom" each week, but I must say that school happens all the time and I'm quite enjoying the impromptu lessons I get to give each day. Last night I stayed on a cotton farm in Wellington, Texas....perfect! This morning I took the girls out into the field and showed them how cotton grows. We took some to the church and I showed the kids how the clothes that they wear are made out of the very kind of cotton I was holding between my fingers. They were baffled and asked lots of questions (then we pretended the bowls of cotton were ice cream cones!). I love it! During our adventures I have learned so much about life and people. Everyone has something to teach me-I am convinced...from the race car driver, to the pastor, to the cotton farmer, to the foster parents. Each person has a unique story. God bless them.

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Heather's Journey said...

"You don't need to integrate...." do you know who I am quoting :)
You do not pass up teachable moments, I am encouraged. You have an amazing gift and are using it to impact these children's lives and they will take these lessons back with them!!