Friday, July 31, 2009

Familiar Faces

Familiarity is rare on tour, so we we find it, it makes us very happy. Last night we had to chance to go back to Pathways Community Church in Appleton, Wisconsin where the children performed last October. Most of us got to stay with the same host families and it was a joy to see familiar faces and stay in familiar homes. Laura and I stood in the church and reminisced about the memories from that church and how much has changed over the last 10 months. We've both grown so much and been through so much together. Indeed, some very vivid and precious memories surfaced upon arriving back at Pathways. This was where the children sprayed water on both me and Lindsey to celebrate our birthdays (since they had only sung to me at 4am on my real birthday, right after we arrived here from Uganda).

We left Appleton this morning and traveled north to Fish Creek, a small vacation community, full of cute shops, and right on Lake Michigan (wierd since I have only ever seen Lake Michigan in Chicago). On the way in we passed a full size tractor made completely out of hay bales! I so wish I could show you a picture, but I didn't have time to get the camera out. Laura, Lindsey, and I took a nice walk downtown and bought some fudge and custard. What a nice treat to get away for an hour.

When we arrived at the venue today mo spoke up behind me and asked if we were at the wrong church. I told him the concert was not at a church, but a theatre. He asked "What is a theatre?" but then answered his own question by saying, "A place where musicians perform? But we are not musicians auntie." I said, "Yes, you are. Your voice is your musical instrument." To which he responded, "So that means we are musicians of God." Priceless. I love that kid.

The next few days we take a break from church concerts to perform in some theatres and music festivals. I enjoy switching things up and am looking forward to it.

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