Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lunch with an Ugly Catfish

As much as I love my kids, at times I really need to take a break from them. Any parent can relate to this I'm sure. Last night we pulled ourselves away from the kids and went out as a staff to the Jazz kitchen here in Indianapolis. Thanks to Portia who recommended the place! It was a perfect night out. You might now appreciate a full description of what I ate for dinner, but after weeks of spaghetti, chicken nuggets, pizza, fried chicken, and other kid friendly foods, I crave good adult food :) the baked brie cheese with crackers and fruit, strawberry walnut salad, and creme brulee hit the spot! My ears were able to take a break from "He is my light" and "Teach me to dance," to listen to some awesome live jazz music as well-a real treat for all of us. Especially those on the team who are musicians and miss their instruments. The lovely night was followed by a lovely day off today. Laura and I enjoyed a picnic on a dock in my backyard, during which we were joined by two giant ugly catfish. Gross! We do have the most interesting experiences some days. Despite knowing the nasty critters were around, we dove into the lake and swam to the other side and back. I've craved a day like this all summer and it was WONDERFUL. I wish it would last a week. Lydia woke me this morning and first thing told me about how they fed the fish and she touched a catfish last night. I assume this evening's activities will include some of the same. Can't wait!

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