Thursday, July 2, 2009

Screams at Kentucky Kingdom

I'm super tired after an eventful day but wanted to say a few things before signing off for the night. Today was a special treat for the kids. We took them to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom in Louisville for a day of thrills and screams. I was apprehensive about how brave they would be and who would last without throwing up their lunch. Thankfully nobody lost it and they were all brave enough to try the rollercoasters. It's a good thing I had to be the brave auntie and go with the girls or I probably would have opted out of the rollercoasters. After they tried it once they were hooked. My stomach hurt by the end from laughing at the girls. I'm not sure who screamed louder though, me or Peace. What a place to spend my first day back :)

Right now I am staying with Brittany (my roomate from Moody). What a blessing to see old friends and share our new lives! She and I trained together to be teachers and now we are both teaching and making new memories. I praise God every day for good friends.

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