Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fast Cars, New Friends, and Lots of Driving...

Funny story from today: we were driving through Chicago when Gilbert saw a black sports car whiz past us going probably 85 mph (and very loud). He responded "Auntie that is my friend!" The boys around me then noticed a police car turn it's lights on and speed off (he had inevitably noticed the zippy sports car too). I'm guessing that guy didn't get where he was going as fast as he wanted to...and he's not quite as rich either!
We are on our way from Ohio to nothern Wisconsin so this week involves a lot of driving. I don't mind though..I enjoy the rides. Mo sits behind me and looks over my shoulder asking questions the whole time and pointing out his favorite cars, Hanninton is always asking me to read him a book, and Gilbert draws me pictures. Driving is just a nice time to be with the kids without other people around. We can relax.

Tomorrow my new friend Stacy goes to Uganda to meet the children from the next choir coming out. She has only been with us two weeks (training), but we fell in love with her. She is a kindred spirit. Pray for her as she spends a few weeks learning the culture of the children and building a relationship with them. This time is crucial.

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Stacy said...

Oh friend. I love you.