Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yodeling on the street???

I really want to buy some Amish furniture. I realize this sounds random, but the thought has crossed my mind several times this week since we are in Berne, Indiana-Amish country. As I have walked down the quaint streets in town I have enjoyed watching families in their buggies on the way to buy groceries or play at the park. It's not every day you see horses and buggies tied up outside the cafe's and hardware stores in town. One day I walked down the street and heard an old Christian hymn being blasted through the speakers on the main street. The next day it was yodeling coming out of the speakers. I couldn't help but laugh. You know your not in Chicago anymore when...It's been a very pleasant stay and I'm sad to leave today, but I'm sure the next church is excited for our arrival and wouldn't be too happy if we didn't show up. This morning I am laying in bed sick as my boys headed to the lake to have some fun. I'm pretty bummed (I may have even shed some tears in my bed), as I was really looking forward to this morning. I know I needed a quiet morning to myself to rest though. Hopefully I can kick this darn virus quickly. May this weekend be fun and restful for everyone out there!

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