Saturday, November 21, 2009

Living Without Regret

Yesterday I did a lot of thinking about how to live without regret. I feel like I have done a pretty good job of living without regrets on this tour, but in preparing to do some staff devotions for our team last night I realized how precious each moment is. I read a quote I loved..."a moment lost is gone forever." What a good realization. I made the most of every moment. It was a great Saturday. Started off with Chocolate chip pancakes and little smokies, while blaring the Christmas medley that the children are trying to learn for their symphony performances next month. Laura put up the lyrics on posters all over the dining room and we listen to the song at least three times at every meal. Lindsey commented the other morning that it looks like Christmas threw up all over our walls. It's true. We added some lights the other day to make it look very festive. After some bopping to tunes while cleaning up around the place I spent the morning with a few of our smallest boys. We jumped on the trampoline (a very rare treat), and then had a treehouse club meeting. Hannington, Mo, Christopher, Patrick and I made some chai tea, put it in travel mugs and headed up into the fort. There are conversations that take place in a tree fort that just don't happen other places. Can I just say that I love little boy conversations..especially from these little boys. They actually spent 20 minutes seriously trying to convince me that mermaids are real and they have seen them in Uganda. When I insisted that they are pretend and Ariel is just make believe they made up some elaborate story about seeing mermaids sitting on a rock when they went to fetch water and told me that there different things in different places. I said yes, but I know mermaids don't exist-even in Uganda. Chris then gave me a very spiritual answer-if God wanted to create a mermaid he could. I replied.."well yes, but he didn't." They didn't believe me. O well.

As we drew pictures of tree houses, airplanes, Superman, and Veggie Tales, we talked about life and what we'll miss after tour. Christopher almost made me cry when he commented. "I don't think I'll forget Lino because he teached me." My other favorite Christopher quote from the morning:
Can God talk to the sun? -Chris
Yes. -Me
Then why doesn't it have eyes? -Chris

In the afternoon we built a fire and roasted marshmallows. Well..I sat on the picnic table pretending to play guitar, while Julius roasted them for me :) I've decided one of my goals for this coming year is to learn guitar. I know i've said that before. But I really mean it this time. I think.

A dinner of grilled burgers and now we are finishing off the day watching a very nostalgic movie...Homeward Bound. Perfect Saturday.

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