Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gifts of Joy

It's like Christmas around here today! when the lights were turned on in the living room this evening the children entered to find giant suitcases for each of them filled with new clothes, shoes, towels, school supplies, soccer balls, clothes for their families, and everything they will need for when they return home (in two weeks!). Imagine 21 children screaming and running around. Imagine teen boys wrapping their arms around a suitcase and kissing it over and over. Imagine a small boy throwing underwear in the air and shouting "new knickers!" Lindsey, Laura, and I have the privilege of going through the suitcases with each of them as they try on all the clothes. Their responses have been priceless. Rose said she was shocked and cried out in excitement. Patrick said "I am going to sleep in my suitcase. I think so."I can't wait to go through the rest tomorrow. No matter what Christmas holds, this makes my Christmas. I don't need a wii, or an iphone, or ten new sweaters. These children have reminded me what it means to have joy no matter the circumstances and what it means to be thankful for each blessing God gives. May I never take life for granted.

Jackson led devotions tonight and he did a fantastic job. I know he wants to be a chef, but I secretly hope he becomes a pastor. He read the Great Commission and talked about what it means to go and make disciples. The children fired questions at him like, How do you make disciples? Do you have to go to another country to be a disciple? And if you make disciples of your family members can they go and make more disciples? Nine year old Jackson confidently stood and answered those questions like any good pastor. As I listened to these children talk about following Christ, teaching their families everything they have learned from us, and being missionaries no matter where they are, I was filled with such pride and joy. These children are special and I have no doubt that they will go on to change the person at a time. May God protect them and bless them on this journey!

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Jenny said...

Thanks for sharing Angela! Your kids sound so great! I know you all have made a huge impact on their lives! Enjoy your next few weeks with them and I will be praying for you as you say goodbye! Love, Auntie Jenny Choirs #30 and #33