Friday, October 3, 2008


First, I must say my life has been blessed by the many churches and homes I have stayed in that have wireless internet. Second, it stinks when you are just about to post something or send an email and the internet decides to stop working. This was the case last night as I sat down to write about my day. O, well....on to the next church and next host family and here I am waiting for the kids to wake up, so let me briefly share about yesterday's wonderful events. Yesterday was my first day off since the beginning of August and of all places, we were in the Chicago suburbs! So, I handed over lesson plans, wished everybody a great second day of school and headed off to the city with my fellow chaperone, Laura. After dropping her to drool over the paintings at the art institute, I excitedly headed to Moody (my Alma Mater) to visit friends. Being at the school was a bit surreal, but it still felt a bit like "home." I was so blessed to spend time and get my fix of hugs from so many dear friends. If any of you are reading this...I love you so much and thanks for being so amazing! Laura and I did a quick bit of sight seeing and shopping before taking the train back to Waukegan. It was the perfect day off.

I chaperoned boys for the first time at a host home last night and it was quite enjoyable. As I was tucking the boys in I asked them about their favorite part of the day. My teacher's heart was blessed when they enthusiastically replied, "school!" I'd like to share with you a few lines from Gilbert's bedtime prayer as well. It blessed my heart greatly. "Lord, thank you for our host family. We have nothing to give them, but we pray you bless them Lord Jesus. Thank you for this soft bed and thank you that Auntie Laura and Auntie Angela had a good day in Chicago and came back safe. Thank you Lord Jesus that we are still alive. Amen"

A few quotes from our team for your enjoyment:

"What did you girls want to be when you grow up? Did one of you say teacher?" -host auntie

"No, that's Gilbert Big. But only when he's on stage. When he's not on stage he wants to be a gorilla when he grows up!" -Lillian

"Do you have corn in Canada?" -A host auntie to Uncle Steve

"That is my enemy" -Gilbert said, pointing to his carrots

"I will save these two photos of me-I want to remember my host families, but I like looking at myself best." -Racheal

There are many more to come I am sure! I'm off to dinner....


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