Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some thoughts over a chai latte in Chi-Town

As I write this entry my kids are on stage singing with Josh Groban...yes, THEE Josh Groban :)
Yesterday morning we dropped the team off at the airport at 4am to fly out to San Fransisco for a big charity event. Since they only needed 6 of our chaperones for this trip, four of us stayed back and I joyful hopped the train to spend a few days with friends in Chicago. It's been wonderful to rest and catch up with good friends. I am enjoying the sights and sounds of my "second" home. It's a very different feeling to be back on campus as a graduate. I was able to speak in a couple classes and a department chapel today, which was exciting. I remember being a student and feeling encouraged when former students would stop by to give us a pep talk. I just never thought I would be one of those students!

Though I love Chicago for all it's diversity and culture, I've always been a little distressed by the level of materialism indicated by the lifestyles of many who live here. Being here after spending time in Africa has been even harder for me though. I was on a walk to Lake Michigan today and almost felt sick as I looked in the windows of the shops and saw shoes and purses and clothes on sale for hundreds and thousands of dollars. Why are our prioritites so messed up here? America, where did we lose sight of what is important in life? I must admit that I have wasted things in my life and and own much more than I should, but I'm feeling especially embarrised for my country right now. It's not about's about people and eternity...When you get stressed out over material things in life, look at the big picture and remember it doesnt' matter in the end.

Sorry to go off on a little rant there, but it has been what's on my mind today. In the midst of these thoughts, I have enjoyed a nice fall day here in the city, including coffee with Ralene and Heather in the morning, Ice Tea with Kristine at Borders in the afternoon, and the best Chai Latte ever with 3 amazing girlfriends at a favorite hangout spot. If your reading this girls..I love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're getting some R & R. I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed having you and "our girls" as we've come to call them--stay with us. We missed you three terribly on Tuesday evening! You're a breath of fresh air! God bless! Thanks for keeping the blog, too.
Auntie Michelle in Springfield

Chris said...

I am so glad that you are having some fun and getting some rest as well. I bet the kids are having a blast and singing with Josh Groban,coolness,though I am sure they probably don't realize how big he is here. San Francisco will be interesting for them as well, even Americans have culture shock going to San Fran. LOL.

I agree with yur comment about "living in a material world" thank you Madonna, though I am not pinning all the blame on her. I have to admit that I like my stuff but at the same time I know that I am fortunate to have it. I think that is the difference between us, by us I mean frivolous people. I was having a conversation like that with a co worker the other day. He posed the hypothetical what if you were rich and had a ton of money would you just go out and buy whatever you want? Of course I would like to have things like a nice house and stuff but not so over the top just nice. I don't understand the people who have like 15 cars just to have them. there are so many better things you could do with that money and so many other people you could help. I guess that is whay they say that money is a great corruptor. I guess you never really know until you are in that position, but I would like to think that it wouldn't change me and I think I would be right in saying that. Besides waht does it matter how much you have if you can't use it for good. You can't take it with you when you go. There finished your rant for you!

Hope you continue to be blessed abundantly and you have as much fun as you can handle. I love hearing what you have been up to and I love being happy for you and your accomplishments. You are truely an exceptional human being.

Miss ya!