Monday, October 27, 2008

Life without God's Love is Like a Donut

Does anybody remember watching the Donut Man videos when you were a kid? The Donut Repairman and his sidekick, Duncan the Donut, would tell Bible stories and sing songs to help kids learn biblical truths. The theme song begins..."Life without God's love is like a a a without God's love is like a donut, cause their's a hole in the middle of your heart..." I have fond memories of watching these video's as a child, but I have not thought of them for years. I really don't recall much about my childhood until something happens that sparks a memory. This morning Auntie Rachel led devotions for the kids and she talked about the emptiness of a life without Christ. She used donuts and donut holes as an object lesson. As an addition to her lesson I was able to find some YouTube videos of the Donut Man show (Laura and I enjoyed a flash from the past together!). The kids were thrilled when I let them watch the video of the song (who doesn't love singing donuts?!) and they made me play it several times. I caught them singing lines from the song later on in the day as well :).

It was a long week for the kids with their big trip out to San Fransisco, so today we just chilled at the church. Despite the rapidly chilling weather we enjoyed some outdoor time. I showed the girls up with my hoola hooping skills (thanks to those Saturday morning hoola hooping competitions at Starbucks when I was in high school!). For once I could shake my hips better than the kids..they liked that!

God has given me the opportunity to have some heart to heart conversations with a few of my boys this week and I've gotten a glimpse into their little hearts. One boy showed concern that he doesn't know for sure what he wants to be when he grows up (who knows at 10?). I reassured him that it's okay and we had a long conversation about different job options. He is a smart, talented, awesome little guy (I would adopt him if I could). I told him that I know God will use him in whatever job he does, becuase his heart is surrendered to the Lord. After explaining to him what that means, I told him he can do anything he wants and I truly believe that. It is these moments I live for and I hope this is a conversation he will never forget. Thank you to those who have helped to make these moments possible by supporting me and encouraging me. Together we are making a difference!

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