Monday, October 13, 2008


I know I already wrote today, but tonight's moments are worth adding to my earlier list. Our wonderful host families organized a bonfire by the lake tonight for all the kids. We experienced smores together for the first time and then were dazzled by a terrific display of fireworks which lasted at least 30 min. The children cheered and screamed and clapped and giggled to their hearts content. the whole evening was an overload of sensory experiences and sugar, but all worth it in the end. As I tucked the boys into bed, Nelson was under the covers giggling, which is so unlike him. Surely it was the sugar speaking! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to those in Canada...I might not be Canadian, but we sure celebrated today!

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Fledderjohann said...

Angela, your vivid descriptions and attention to detail make your memories of the children begin to live in my own mind. Have you thought of writing a book about these experiences? I'll use yours from last year as an example in a few weeks with this year's seniors. Much love, Mrs. F