Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Great Saturday

Tonight I am enjoying a night alone in a hotel room and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Usually, Andrew, our tour leader stays at a hotel, but on Saturdays he lets somebody else have a night to themselves. Tonight, he chose me and I am so grateful to have a night to work on lesson plans and only have me to worry about. Saturday's are nice for us..the girls and I slept in this morning, and I finally had time to get up and go for a run. Instead of rushing off to the church this morning, we got to linger over our french toast and hot tea and the girls had a chance to play catch with a very energetic little pooch. Lillian made the quote board when she was talking to Jack the dog this morning; she told him to go to Gladys and when he didn't listen she said, "excuse me..are you listening properly?" She repeated this several times, before I informed her I didn't think that the dog understood. :)

We had a nice little bus ride from Grayslake to Naperville this afternoon that was very pleasant, except for our first vomiting disaster. Thankfully, it only ended up in the aisle and Uncle Steve bravely cleaned it up without complaining. Kudos to him!

Today, I feel a renewed excitement to be here with the kids doing what I am doing and I have noticed that my love for them is becoming very deep. Some days it feels like all I do is give them instructions and correct them, but I was reminded today of the importance of really pouring into them and training them and disciplining them in love. I'm beginning to feel like a real parent!

There is a knock at the door and my dinner has just arrived...I guess that's all for tonight. As you read this, I hope you are reminded of all you have to be thankful for and especially for the poeple in your life that you love. Go give somebody a hug and remind them tonight how much you love them.


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Jeanne said...

I am so proud of you -- you are doing what you were taught by your mom -- that learning is a joy and a delight! I am thrilled that you get to have this job and teach these kids. What a wonderful adventure for you all!

I am so enjoying your posts and hearing the funny things that the kids say! It is fun to hear too what surprises them about America.

Regarding hugs -- I got a hug from your brother Toby (and gave him one too) at a picnic at Westmont! Yay! It was nice to see him!

Hugs across the miles to you,Angela!

Jeanne R.